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3-week 'Twice the Price'

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Have you ever wondered why some wines in shops cost £10 while others fetch three times as much (or more)? Is it worth splurging on pricier bottles, or is your £10 choice just as good?

Put your palate to the test in 'Twice The Price' – our no-holds-barred blind-tasting showdown hosted over three Tuesday evenings.

Each evening we sample 6 wines at around £7.50, £15 and £30 (split into two styles of wine), but the catch is, you won't know which is which.

Blind tastings are a hit format at the wine school, and this is your chance to play detective with your taste buds!

Do you think spotting the difference will be easy? Let's find out. Each bottle's price will be kept a mystery and after tasting we'll vote on whether it's the budget-friendly bottle or the premium pour. Expect a fun, competitive edge as we take a crash course each evening on the art of blind tasting and the economics of winemaking.

Ready for laughter and surprises? Join us for a wine course where you discover if your favourite wine is a steal or a splurge. It's more than just tasting – it's a revelation! 

The wine styles we will be tasting... 

  • Loire Sauvignon Blanc including Sancerre wines to compare
  • Left bank Bordeaux appellations
  • Albarino at different yields
  • Rioja levels of quality from one producer
  • Top Australian Shiraz made from selected fruit
  • Western Australia Chardonnay and its treatment


Tue 19
- 2024 -
Twice the Price: The French Enigma
The Venetian Wine Bar, Cambridge

Why do similar wines have vastly different prices? Is it worth paying more? Compare two distinct French wine styles blind at comparative prices of £7.50, £15 and £30 and see if you can spot the most expensive! Gain new insight.

Tue 26
- 2024 -
Twice the Price: Spanish Revelations
The Venetian Wine Bar, Cambridge

Is it worth paying more for a wine, or sticking to what you know? Blind compare two distinct wine styles from Spain at comparative prices of around £7.50, £15 and £30 and see for yourself if the best turns out the most expensive!

Tue 02
- 2024 -
Twice the Price: Australian Innovations
The Venetian Wine Bar, Cambridge

Is more expensive wine worth the extra money? Join us as we blind compare two distinct wine styles from Australia at comparative prices of roughly £7.50, £15 and £30. Let's see if the best proves to be the most costly!

How to get there

The Venetian Wine Bar, Cambridge
21 Station Place

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