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Frequently Asked Questions

Which wine course to choose? FAQs

Which wine course is suitable for me?

It depends!

If you are looking for a professional qualification, and are willing to study and take an exam,  then WSET courses will be more suitable. These courses take a more academic approach to learning about wine.

If you want to take a more relaxed approach and learn by tasting lots of different wines with like-minded people, then the Local Wine School World of Wine course will be more suitable.

WSET Courses FAQs

Where to Study WSET

The easiest way to find a WSET course in Wines near you - take a peek at our Where To Study WSET interactive Map!

What is WSET qualification?

WSET is the Wine & Spirits Education Trust, founded London 1969 - designs professional wine courses that are delivered through an approved network of providers - APP's. Recognised internationally as benchmark wine qualifications.

What is WSET Level 1?

WSET Level 1 Award in Wines provides a straightforward introduction to wine ~8-9 wines tasted / ~7 hrs tuition / 0 hrs home study / 45 min multiple-choice exam / Price from ~ £150

What is WSET Level 2?

WSET Level 2 Award in Wines is suited to those who have an interest in wine, and wish to broaden their knowledge in a structured way ~30-35 wines tasted / ~18 hrs tuition / ~14 hrs home study / 60 min multiple-choice exam / Price from ~ £400

What is WSET Level 3?

WSET Level 3 Award in Wines - provides a detailed understanding of grape growing and wine making. Upon completion you will be able to assess wines accurately, and use your understanding to confidently explain wine style and quality ~ 60+ wines tasted / 30 hrs tuition / 54 hrs home study / 120 min multiple-choice & written answer exam plus 30 min blind-tasting exam / Price from ~ £720

How much does WSET cost?

Can you do WSET courses ONLINE?

You can take the courses WSET Level 1 ONLINE, WSET Level 2 ONLINE, and WSET Level 3 Online

You can then elect to take the exams at a selection of wine school locations

OR you can also take the exams Online for WSET L1 and WSET L2, but you will need to take the exam plus attend a blind tasting in-person for WSET L3.

Is WSET a Sommelier qualification?

WSET courses focus on learning about wine rather than the service element. That said they provide an invaluable level of knowledge that allow you to talk about wine with some level of authority.

If you dont want to study, take exams, or gain a professional qualification the World of Wine course takes a more relaxed approach by focusing purely on learning by tasting different wines from around the world.

Can you do WSET Level 2 Online?

YES - you can do WSET Level 2 Wines Online

The online course covers the same syllabus as the classroom course but is delivered by ZOOM. You taste and learn in a LIVE study group guided by a certified WSET wine educator. 

You meet, chat, and taste with fellow wine enthusiasts.

You can also select the option of having specially selected wine samples delivered to your door that will accompany the course sessions.

You can take the WSET Level 2 exam online by WSET Remote Invigilation (RI) in your own home at a date and time convenient to you.

WSG Courses FAQs

What are WSG courses?

Wine Scholar Guild (WSG) courses are professional, in-depth courses - a wonderful deep-dive into the wines, food, history, & geology of France, Italy, or Spain!

There are 3 courses offered - French Wine Scholar, Italian Wine Scholar, and Spanish Wine Scholar.

Beginner to Expert

Our courses are perfect for everybody from the complete beginner to the budding enthusiast. The emphasis on all our events is having fun & learning more - by tasting.

No. 1 for WSET courses

Since 2013 we have helped over 20,000 customers achieve success at Levels 1, 2, & 3. The UKs No 1 - Study WSET Courses with the 2015 Riedel WSET Educator of the Year Winner

Private & Corporate Events

Give your team and / or clients the VIP treatment. We organise fun-filled corporate wine events and private wine tastings.

Start your own Wine School

We are the worlds fastest-growing network of independent wine schools and we are looking for key individuals to run our new wine schools.

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