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- About us -

We are the UK's only network of independent Wine Schools.

We believe that wine tasting is for everyone.  We offer a wide range of fun, friendly tastings, courses and experiences.

Chris Powell

We opened our first Wine School in Newcastle upon Tyne in 2000. Right from the start - at the core of the business - has always been our mantra that 'wine tasting is for everyone'.

We have always aimed to provide informal, relaxed and fun wine courses that appeal to a wide range of customers - from those starting their wine journey to the more knowledgeable."

Chris Powell
Founder of Local Wine School

The UK's fastest expanding network of wine schools.

We value our independence highly - it is important to us that we don't sell wine, so can show you the best new & exciting wines available from your local wine merchants & retailers. This approach has proved popular & successful across many locations nationwide. With a growing customer list, currently over 65,000 strong, Local Wine School is proud to be the fastest expanding network of wine schools in the country.

Forming strong links with local businesses

Our local wine schools form strong links with local businesses, using local suppliers of wine & food, with local customers. We also use local restaurants, & promote local independent wine merchants where possible.

About our courses

We teach people about wine by concentrating on the flavours and aromas of the wines. We focus on the taste profile of each wine explaining the characteristics of the grape variety, the climate, and the winemaking, and show you with maps and photos where they came from and how they are made.

We explain why they taste like they do and ask and listen to what you think about the wines. No previous experience is required to enjoy wine tasting! Our courses are flexible so if you have to miss a session you can just catch it on the next course, or use the credit to book a different evening.

The evenings are, above all, fun & entertaining with a relaxed atmosphere - no previous experience is required. The best & most enjoyable way to learn about wine is comparing the tastes of different wines side-by-side.

About us

We also always focus on food & wine matches, and explain what type of foods would go with the chosen wines, and more importantly - why! We talk about aromas, tastes, and flavours rather than technical winemaking details. 

Our guests come by themselves, in couples, and in larger groups, everybody is welcome. It is also a great way to meet people with the same interest in tasting & learning about wine. 

Whilst all our tutors are WSET-qualified and have extensive experience of wine, they more importantly have an infectious enthusiasm for their subject and are able to communicate this to their audience without the use of confusing (& boring!) technical facts. 

We look forward to welcoming you to a Wine Tasting soon – do try one – we are sure you will enjoy it! 

Chris Powell - founder of

Local Wine Schools in the Press


'The best wine courses and classes in the UK'

Victoria Moore
Daily Telegraph

'Londons loveliest wine tasting classes'

Time Out
Time Out Magazine

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which wine course to choose? FAQs

Which wine course is suitable for me?

It depends!

If you are looking for a professional qualification, and are willing to study and take an exam,  then WSET courses will be more suitable. These courses take a more academic approach to learning about wine.

If you want to take a more relaxed approach and learn by tasting lots of different wines with like-minded people, then the Local Wine School World of Wine course will be more suitable.

WSET Courses FAQs

Can you do WSET courses ONLINE?

You can take the courses WSET Level 1 ONLINE, WSET Level 2 ONLINE, and WSET Level 3 Online

You can then elect to take the exams at a selection of wine school locations

OR you can also take the exams Online for WSET L1 and WSET L2, but you will need to take the exam plus attend a blind tasting in-person for WSET L3.

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